Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Harvard Square Spotlight: Petali Flowers

Photo by by Rebekah J Murray 
I live and work near Harvard Square and everyday I walk by an adorable flower shop in the square called Petali Flowers. The shop window is always adorned with beautiful flowers and accessories including chalk boards and vases. This morning I noticed that a vintage bike and a classic wagon were artfully arranged outside the shop. I couldn't resist the bike (see previously discovered Bike obsession) and so my lunch break involved popping into the shop and checking it out. 

Vintage goodness continues inside the very small well-stocked shelves including more bikes, wagons and even an older violin nestled among the greenery. The visit was a cheery respite from the gray day that we are having in New England and I started thinking about all the wedding-related resources available in Harvard Square. There are an extraordinary amount of specialty vendors, ceremony and reception venues and also fabulous photography locales perfect for a wedding! As a result, I have created a mini challenge for myself that involves planning an entire wedding using Vendors and Venues in Harvard Square....

Stay tuned for a series of posts that involve planning a Harvard Square Wedding. I have quite a few ideas up my sleeve but as always open to suggestions and fan favorites for leave it in the comments!! If this is successful, perhaps I will continue and provide more neighborhood-specific planning tools!

*The lack of sunshine and limitations of the iPhone resulted in less than spectacular 
photos ofPetali so the images above are merely inspired by my visit. I promise 
that in just a few weeks Harvard Yard will resemble the Bike Photo!*

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