Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day of Coordinator Top Five: Outdoor Boston Engagement Photo Locations

I think of blog posts in the weirdest of places. Sometimes, I see something on my commute (by Bus: its okay feel bad for me) and think that would be so useful and by the time I get to work I have forgotten the latest brilliant idea. I travel with paper and also mobile applications that would help me remember such ideas but the public bus never seems like the place to use them...I digress. Here is the latest bus brainstorm: Day of Coordinator Top Five Lists or "The DOC Top Five"

This winter was long and full of snow, the spring was late and full of rain, summer came early and the humidity is already making my hair frizz, BUT this should not stop you from taking your engagement photos outside! Looking for the perfect place here are my top five choices (warning a healthy dose of adventure may be required):

1. Head to the Charles River near Harvard Business School. Begin your shoot on the Business School Campus (the brick, the ivy..swoon) and the very picturesque Weeks Footbridge. Then go over to Charles River Canoe & Kayak and rent a canoe! Ideally it should be the end of the day when the light is soft and the river looks magical. You will need a friend or your photographer will need an assistant to paddle while s/he shoots.

The Weeks Footbridge by Azriel Photography
2. If you are looking to add a traditional historic backdrop to your Boston engagement session then hang out in Charlestown and take pictures in the lamplight district, visit the Warren Tavern for a pint at Paul Revere's favorite establishment, climb the Bunker Hill Monument for an amazing view of the city or walk over the USS Constitution.

3. Do you feel at home on the water? Schedule you, your fiance and your photographer for a trip to the Boston Light and visit the oldest lighthouse station in the United States. (This is also a great idea for Pete's Dragon fans). You can take a similar tour out to Georges Island, home of Fort Warren and spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the many fabulous nooks and crannies of the fort.

A nook at Fort Warren by Azriel Photography
4. West of Boston is an ice cream stand called Kimball Farms. Not only do they serve the best ice cream, they also have a driving range, bumper boats and one of the best mini golf courses in Massachusetts. How cute would you and your fiance look while mini golfing? 

5. For those you looking for an amazing architectural background and stunning gardens, think outside the box and go to Forest Hills Cemetery. This is not the location for everyone but most people looking at your photos will never even know that you were in a garden cemetery. It is not like I think you should get married at the cemetery (that's a post for another day)!

The entrance to Forest Hills Cemetery

I hope this week's DOC Top Five inspires you!

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