Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day of Coordinator Top Five: Restaurant Venues

Although I often talk about elaborate historical venues, there is something super fabulous about holding your wedding reception in a restaurant. You can either find a restaurant with a private room where they specialize in private events or inquire about renting (buying out) the entire space. Pick your favorite restaurant and share it with your guests!

Using a restaurant can also be budget-friendly: all the rentals, food and sometimes tabletop decor are often included; space constraints can help limit your guest list and in some cases you may be able to use  the space over lunch before the dinner rush. One of my favorite clients from last year was able to have an outdoor morning ceremony followed by a lunch reception at the restaurant where they had their first date. I'll try to blog their preppy summer wedding soon! When I go to new restaurants I always look around and try to picture a wedding event in the space: today's DOC Top Five are my ultimate choices for Restaurant Wedding Reception Venues. Please note these are in no particular order and are not limited to New England!

1. Rats Restaurant located in the equally stunning Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Excellent food and art come to life, including a Monet-like water feature and bridge.

Via Dinofa Photography
2. Scampo located in the historically creepy yet modern Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA. The decor is amazing and the space complete with open bar and private outdoor patio screams to be the host of a fabulous event!

3. Ard Bia at Nimmo's located in the Spanish Arch in downtown Galway City, Ireland. Gourmet local food in a historic site with a fabulous wine list, this restaurant is cozy, quaint and decorated in a vintage rustic fashion. Its the perfect place to show your guests amazing Irish hospitality.

Ard Bia Menu Chalkboard Via Peter Neill Photography

4. Bubby's near the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn, NY. It has pie and an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Did I mention the pie?

5. Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. The space is definitely not for everyone but you cannot beat the location, the food and the whimsy.

Via Lisa Rigby

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