Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day of Coordinator Top Five: Cutting Your Budget

The budget is a reality of wedding planning and you will often be faced with choices and compromise. These choices are personal and based on your vision for your wedding day. Today I provide you with the top five ways to cut your budget.

1. Cut your Guest List: I know this is extremely hard but it is one of the fastest way to cut your budget. Look at your list carefully and thoughtfully.

2. Elope: Are you too chicken to cut your guest list but dream of an intimate affair with amazing food and fabulous photos? Elope or do a destination wedding: family and friends will cut themselves from the list and you can get married on a Scottish Hillside, in front of the Eiffel Tower or the top of a mountain in New Hampshire.

3. Prioritize: Determine what is most important to you and don't worry about the other stuff that you think you should be doing! Does coordinating paper products make you swoon or will you not anyone notice?  Do you even like Hard Liquor? Would not arriving in a limo make you upset?

4. DIY: Everyone has strengths and talents so identify them and use them to your advantage. Pick one or two projects and lower the budget, but recognize your limitations: don't overextend yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help or to outsource projects to more crafty friends and family.

5. Cut the Excess: Sometimes just as hard as cutting the guest list, if you are up against the budget, you may need to look thoughtfully and carefully about the overall event. Favors, Chair Upgrades, Individual Menus, After Party, Tops Shelf Liquor, the Midnight Sundae Bar, Designer Shoes could all end up on the cutting room floor. If you have already prioritized this should be an easier process! 

Using these tools should help you have the wedding of your dreams within your budget!

One of my favorite elopement stories by Lillian & Leonard

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