Sunday, October 9, 2011

DOC Tips: Adding Local Flavor to your Reception: NJ Edition

I'm on a business trip (for the day job) in New Jersey. Since I grew up in the area there are always a few things that I try to make sure I fit in or bring back to New England. Those same things would be perfect additions to your wedding reception. Serve local favorites at the Reception, tuck them into a Welcome Bag or offer them up as favors.  Here are a few of my local picks (next week I will do the same for New England):

1. Halo Farm Ice Cream: local microdairy based in Trenton, NJ. The ice cream is local, delish and very affordable. Perfect for an ice cream bar or to match up with Wedding Cake. My favorites are Coffee Heath Bar, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Cherry.

2. Small World Coffee. Local Princeton Coffee Shop with tasty coffee, desserts and coffee paraphernalia.  Provide your guests with individual bags of coffee or chocolate covered espresso beans.

3. Tastykakes. Philadelphia's own Tasty Baking Company has been producing Cupcakes, Krimpets and Kandy Kakes since 1914. With limited distribution only in the tristate area, introduce your guests to these scrumptious items. I will be returning to Boston with a few boxes!

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