Friday, October 5, 2012

{weddings are about the people}

I feel like wedding vendors say this a lot and it can seem phony, but it is true that clients can become friends (or at the very least acquaintances) pretty easily. It is not just because you spend a year of your life talking to a bride or groom every day (although that helps). It is usually because you stumble across people that you have a lot in common with and just never had the opportunity to meet.

I had a bunch of clients like that this year for which I am very grateful. Shockingly, when you like the couple you tend to also really like their friends and family. I  always secretly hope that such friends are not yet married and will hire us for their wedding. Unfortunately, one of my awesome MOHs of the summer (and fellow attorney) had just gotten married weeks before and her wedding was just posted on Style Me Pretty!!!! So although Esq.Events didn't get to participate in this event we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it!

Photo by Stephanie Reinish Photography via Style Me Pretty
So don't wait and check out Toni Ann and Jon's Fabulous wedding photos because its Friday and I know you don't want to work! Also stay tuned as wedding season winds down and we start to blog about all the wedding goodness we were up to this summer including the wedding of the lovely bridesmaid to the left of the bride!

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