Monday, January 6, 2014

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I have to stop myself from buying stuff that "would be cool for weddings" all the time! Unless I have an event that is actually booked, I try to reign it in. My husband only tolerates so much wedding stuff in our attic space. The new year is a great time to scoop up stuff for your big day because a lot of stuff goes on sale. I like looking for stuff in home and design stores because you can easily re-purpose the elements in your own home after the wedding festivities are complete. Here is an example of something I tried to talk myself into: Pheasant Feathers. Why do I need these? I don't. But how cool would they look on napkins.... or in a bouquet.... or as part of a centerpiece...maybe with plaid.... So cool...If you are already are in love with faux antlers (and who isn't?) then you should consider these feathers and then call me so we can work them into your design together.

Feathers Available (and on SALE) at Ballard Designs
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