Friday, January 3, 2014

{photo of the week: a new series by Esq.Events}

Since none of the ladies of Esq.Events are ever without their phones during an event, cell phone pictures and video have become the easiest way for us to grab quick images from our events. Sometimes (most times) we do not have that extra 5 minutes to pull out the "real" camera and shoot some details. Fortunately, we can always rely on our fellow wedding vendors for professional footage after the event! In the meantime, we are forever thankful for the technological advances in phone photography that allow us to capture stuff on the fly and the helpful applications that make those photos look fabulous until the professional pictures blow us out of the water.  I realized that many of these photos never leave our phones so I am going to start posting them here: some of them may be on instagram already so definitely don't stop following us there, but many have never been seen. Today's post is video of photos that  I made for 2013 using Flipagram and it captures the events and travels of the past year!

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