Sunday, January 5, 2014

{the 2013 christmas card}

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the Christmas Card. I love receiving cards and therefore I send a bunch. Usually, I purchase my cards at a discount post christmas and save them for the following year. Last year, I was too late to the stores and I was unimpressed with the selection so my stock was pretty much depleted. In the 11 months that past, I forgot that I did not buy any cards and when December rolled around I found myself in a pickle. Luckily, my friend and fabulous stationery goddess, Chelsey, took pity on me and designed, printed and delivered these stunning cards in record time.

Designed by Chelsey Emery Design Boutique for Esq.Events

I love these cards because they are simple and so very us. Matt and I tend to prioritize travel so hopefully we can find a fabulous picture every year to use from now on (this year's picture was taken at the Ruins of Pompeii in Italy). If you are looking for custom stationery of any kind definitely check out Chelsey's site and her etsy store too!

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