Thursday, January 9, 2014

{wedding tech}

It seems like every day there is a new exciting app or technology that has been developed specifically for weddings. I stumble across these types of applications and typically exclaim: I totally could have used that! Since I won't be getting married again I'm going to share these cool developments with you through the blog. I'm going to try and do this on Thursdays so we can get into a "Tech Thursday" groove!

Do you have an iPad? If you do then you need to check out the Wedding Booth App! This application creates a portable (or stationary) DIY photobooth that is perfect for events small or large. The app is expensive ($9.99 on iTunes), but is very easy to use and definitely fun. Plus it is totally customizable to your event!

There are many ways to create a DIY photobooth and this one has uses beyond your wedding, however, there is something to keep in mind. Most DIY Booths need a designated operator to get things started: guests are more likely to use the photobooth if there is someone helping and encouraging them to try it out. Over the years, many Esq.Events Assistant Planners have ended up on Photobooth Duty: our skills with polaroid, ipads and miscellaneous camera equipment knows no limits. We always step in to guarantee our clients get the results they desire, but keep that it mine when you are thinking about using this App

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