Wednesday, August 27, 2014

{wedding coordinator finds: maple sugar favors}

I stumble across random things to buy for weddings all the time. It can be online or at a store. Let's be totally honest, I find it hard to drive by a painted wall or barn and not think about it as a possible portrait location. It is just how I am wired, even in the middle of the busy season. Case in point: adorable little bottles of Maple Syrup from World Market Cost Plus.

Via Cost Plus

When I went to school in California (Go Banana Slugs!), we spent an inordinate amount of time at Cost Plus and I wish we had them in New England. Luckily they now will ship you almost everything!

These little bottles would be great for a fall wedding and could even serve as placecards if you added cute little tags! I have yet to buy them because I don't really need cute maple sugar bottles, however you should consider them if they work your your wedding!

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