Friday, February 27, 2015

{winter in new england}

Via Cambridge Skating Club
Boston and the surrounding area has had ridiculous levels of snow this year. I've finally reach acceptance of the cold and snow. Hey, if you cannot beat it, join it right? Why not take advantage of the snow for some fabulous engagement photos?

Everytime I drive by this Cambridge Ice Rink I want to crash it with a faribault blanket and some hot chocolate. It is a member only type place but there are a lot of outdoor ice rinks in the city..although maybe not as cute as Cambridge Skating Club.

See? So cute? Via Cambridge Skating Club

Ice Skating not your thing? Never fear! Check out Ice Castles! This is a real thing and it is within driving distance in Lincoln, NH. I also stumbled on this fabulous Boston photographer who shot this couple in the Ice Castle a few weeks ago! Check out more on her blog!

Via Ann Marie Swift Photography
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